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Andy and Michelle’s wedding.

Prior to the big day, I had exchanged a few emails with the couple and I knew three things:

1. The couple’s names.  2: The wedding would take place in a back yard.  3: The backyard was in Idaho Falls.

Fast forward to the wedding day.

It was rainy.  It was cold. And it was one of the most memorable, heartfelt weddings I have ever had the privilege to witness.

The wedding took place at Andy’s parent’s place just outside of town.  Every aspect of the day from the laughter, to the tears, the sunshine to the rain, made the day even that much more special.  Unique details showcased the remarkable talent of this sweet, soft-spoken pair. Michelle made all the delicate paper flowers by hand.  Andy created the cake topper and table globes, (each depicting a scene from a place he and Michelle had traveled to).  Family and friends came from near and far to share the joy.  The family garden served as the backdrop for the couple’s ceremony, which was officiated by Andy’s dad.  Afterward, friends chatted as couple’s parents prepared dinner together in Andy’s mom’s kitchen, a fusion of Asian and American cuisine.  Then came toasts and cake in a tent erected in the backyard.  A bonfire later in the day warmed guests as the stormy sky darkened into night.

Andy does graphic design for television in Los Angeles.  Check out this absolutely incredible animated slideshow he created to tell their love story to guests.  (It may take a while to load, and won’t work on iPhones or iPads, but it is so worth the wait…it is utterly amazing.)




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Many thanks to Dallas Brockett Photography for assisting with this wedding.

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