Grasiela + Couri | St. Mary’s Wedding | Rose Room Reception | Boise Wedding Photography

Ingredients for an amazing wedding:

A movie-star gorgeous bride and groom

A beautiful traditional Catholic ceremony

A festive reception complete with Mexican food and a mariachi band

Elegant floral centerpieces and handmade backdrop created by the mother of the groom

And last but not least, beloved family and friends, ready to dance the night away…

Grasiela, and Couri, your wedding day was incredible from start to finish.  Thanks, you two.  It was truly a day to remember!

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Venues: St. Mary’s & The Rose Room

DJ: Rhodes Entertainment

Hair: Yessy with Oh’So Salon

Makeup – Micalah Howard

A big thank you to my daughter, Laura Mazac for assisting me. Several photos above are hers, and the day was even more fun because she joined me.

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