Carina + Ashley’s Mountaintop Wedding in Eastern Oregon | Boise Wedding Photographers

Ethereal, dreamlike, and enchanting.  Even though these words partially describe the mood of of this amazing wedding, they don’t quite do justice to it.  Married at the top of an incredible vista with wildflowers, pine trees and a spectacular view of Mt. Emily, this mountain has a place firmly rooted Ashley’s and Carina’s hearts.

The couple’s adorable corgi, Zephyr, was the ring-bearer.  When it was time to exchange rings, the rings were nowhere to be found…they had somehow come unfastened from Zephyr’s little yellow tie. Rather than interrupt the ceremony, Ashley and Carina opted to use lupines as rings, instead.  Afterward, while we were taking photos, a guest at the wedding (who also happened to also be a retired detective),  found the rings! It was such a lovely surprise ending to an already magical day!

The deeply spiritual wedding was one of the most unique and fascinating ceremonies I’ve ever attended.  I am truly honored that I got to be a part of something so unusual and beautiful.

Ceremony location: Growiser, Summerville, Oregon.

DSC_0301DSC_0326DSC_0350DSC_0348DSC_0353DSC_0414DSC_0423DSC_0437DSC_0541DSC_0663DSC_0678DSC_0683DSC_0685DSC_0690DSC_0692DSC_0709DSC_0710DSC_0719DSC_0729DSC_0734DSC_0736Rose quartz crystals were given to each guest by the land owner, Andy.DSC_0748DSC_0755DSC_0763DSC_0768DSC_0778DSC_0783DSC_0789DSC_0801DSC_0808DSC_0811DSC_0820DSC_0825DSC_0828DSC_0833DSC_0859DSC_0882DSC_0892DSC_0894DSC_0896DSC_0902DSC_0906DSC_0908DSC_0914DSC_0915DSC_0935DSC_0943DSC_0949DSC_0982DSC_0996DSC_1030DSC_1056DSC_1062DSC_1067DSC_1084DSC_1100DSC_1102DSC_1110DSC_1117DSC_1128DSC_1132DSC_1142DSC_1147DSC_1162DSC_1183DSC_1186DSC_1192DSC_1208DSC_1212DSC_1214DSC_1235DSC_1273DSC_1447DSC_1450



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