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This is my friend, Eli.  Eli and I met a while back when we were both servers at the fabulous Mona Lisa restaurant in Nampa, and we always talked about doing a shoot together.  I left soon after to focus on my rapidly growing business, and our plans seemed to fall by the wayside. However unexpectedly,  just a couple months ago, Eli called & asked if we could shoot in downtown Boise to get his modeling portfolio jump started.  I was delighted to help out! Eli has a great sense of humor, is dashingly handsome, and is up for anything.  The entire shoot was full of adventure and fun.

A unusual moment occurred when we were shooting outside the Record Exchange.  A random dude from off the street (sporting a Mohawk, assorted piercings, tattoos, and an outfit that looked like it came right out of the 1980’s London punk scene,)  approached us and asked what we were doing.  After we told him, he asked if he could jump into a couple shots.  Of course, Eli and I were happy to oblige.

From there, we moved down to the North End to capture some images which I have decided to describe as “vintage gentleman mobster”, lol.  We finished up on one of the cool old train trestles overlooking the river. I am very happy to report that since our shoot, Eli has booked several professional modeling jobs.  I am so excited for him!  Best wishes to you, Eli, and congratulations!  Here are a few favorites:

Eli & “Random Street Dude”

“Random Street Dude”, workin’ it for the cameral….

Kay - You collection is lovely, I love the third photo; I feel as if it was ripped off the page of a magazine. Love it–wonderful work.

admin - Thank you so much, Ben! 🙂

ben - Great site. Nice photos.

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